Frequently Asked Questions
Here are two of the questions we get

Q. What if my pop-up spray head is
spraying out a uneven distribution?

A. Remove the nozzle by unscrewing it
counterclockwise, pull filter out and
rinse out any small debris or particles.
Install nozzle back on to sprinkler body
and test.

Q.  I have a lot of weeds in my newly
hydroseeded lawn.  What do I do?

A. Hydroseeded lawns require a lot of
TLC in the beginning to ensure the
best results.   It is very common for
weeds to come up with your new
lawn.  Do NOT pull the weeds, as it
will pull the seed out with it.  Proper
quantity and type of fertilizer is crucial
in this process.  Apply 10 pounds per
1,000 square feet for the first
application.  This will cause the lawn
seed to accelerate growth quickly and
choke out any new weed seedlings.  
After your first mowing, add a second
application of  fertilizer at the same
rate.   This will get you going in the
right direction.
Clogged nozzle