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Irrigation system technology has come along way from years past.  It's
not about just putting lines in the ground and having water spray out the
heads in hoping for good coverage.  With precise irrigation hydraulic
calculation, Black Diamond knows that water resources are a precious
commodity. Calculating water pressure, precipitation rates, and head to
head coverage is our goal to make your system operate efficiently for
years to come.  With the quality of our products we offer a wide range of
water saving techniques.  Everything from rain and wind sensors to
nozzles that produce ample amount of water to satisfy your green
luscious lawn without water waste.

Water Features:

Water features are a great accent to any landscape.  Water features
provide a natural outdoor environment from the comfort of your own
home.   We can create a wide range of water features to fit your needs.  

Landscape Lighting:

Landscape lighting enables you to enjoy  your landscape investment at
night as well.  We focus on focal points for a
lighting portrait of your
home.  Black Diamond uses 12- volt fixtures for residential properties.
The reason for this #1 safety and #2 is cost of materials are less than a
120- volt system.  When designing lighting we never forget to include
your home.  Lighting up decks, porches etc; can really enhance the
overall appearance of the property.


Pavers are a great extension to any landscape.  Paver patios and
walkways can come in a variety of shapes and colors.

Plant Material:

Plant Material is one of the most important parts of a landscape.  With a
wide range selection,  it is very important to place material in proper
locations.  Installing plants and trees to close together is probably the
biggest problem when a  landscape becomes mature. Plant environment
(shade, full sun, and vinyl fence) are also factors on how your plant
performs. Over watering plants is a big problem as well. The right
amount of water is critical to plant material and that's why Black
Diamond carefully takes in all of these factors.

Landscape Design:

We offer landscape design services for residential only.

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